Meet Our Team

    Executive Board

  • Neil Wiseman | President

  • Matt Hughes | Vice President

  • Thomas Dembek | Treasurer

  • Vacant | Recording Secretary

    Board Members by EMS District

      EMS District 1 | Jordan District

    • Timothy Sullivan

      EMS District 2 | Quaker Hill District

    • Greg Kent

    • Matthew Hughes

      EMS District 3 | Goshen District

    • Tom Dembek

    • Neil Wiseman

      EMS District 4 | Oswegatchie District

    • James Schenking

    • Steve Garvin

      I have lived in Waterford for the past 28 years. During this time I have been involved with the following; Oswegatchie Fire Department, where I held the rank of Captain and Training Officer, Member and President of the Waterford Ambulance Service, and Serve on the Waterford Republican Town Committee.

      I am employed at University of Connecticut, Department of Public Safety, where is serve as a Shift commander at the UConn Fire Department.

      My educational background is:
      Graduated high school from Sandwich High in 1982.
      Earned an Associate Degree of Science from Three Rivers in 2004.
      Currently attending the University of New Haven, working towards an Arson Investigation Degree.

      I believe in growth through cooperative debate, fiscal conservativism, and delegation of responsibilities, resources and decision making

      EMS District 5 | Cohanzie District

    • John Mariano

      Functional Managers

    • Shawn Finnigan | Supply Manager

      EMS Manager

    • Charles Bynum