Who We Are

WAS has been issued and maintained by the State of CT OEMS the Primary Service Agreement (PSA’s) for both the First Responder (R1) and BLS Transport (R2) for the Town of Waterford. WAS works seamlessly with the Waterford Fire Department (WFD) and the Waterford Police Department (WPD), ensuring that emergency medical care and treatment are provided to all Waterford residents and visitors to the town. WAS prides itself in providing and delivering high-quality patient care, which is accomplished through team training, team education, 100% QA/ QI, and community outreach programs and support.


A few facts about Waterford Ambulance Service.

The Waterford Ambulance Service, Incorporated (WAS) has been issued and maintains both the State of Connecticut Office of Emergency Management (OEMS) Primary Service Agreements (PSA’s) for both the First Responder (R1) and BLS Transport (R2), with the first right of refusal for EMS related events held in the Town of Waterford, Connecticut.



The Waterford Ambulance Service is active in the community through many programs
and special events. We are always looking for people who are interested in serving
their community. We also depend on the support of the community to help
us provide a high quality service.


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